A visionary interior design practice that dares to be different. At Zavie Creative we listen carefully so we can connect the dots between who you are and what you want, to create unique spaces and branding possibilities that inspire and excite! From retail and workplace, to hospitality and residential, our passion lies in positively impacting people’s lives through bold and innovative design.

We love creating spaces that change people’s lives…

Listen To Our Story

If opposites attract, then we, the founders of Zavie Creative, were always destined to meet. Entirely different but equally passionate, we share a desire to rally against the bland, the boring and the downright dull of design.

Our extensive design experience aside, it was the diverse but valuable life skills we each brought to the table which led us to form Zavie Creative – an interior design practice with a mission to help clients stand out from the crowd.

Because isn’t design – and life – so much more fun that way?

So let’s meet the two design-crazy ladies sitting behind the Zavie Creative curtain…

First up Kylie…

She’s a former veterinarian and accomplished horse masseuse (hey, it comes in handy when working on holistic health design projects), who’s also worked as a lecturer and marketing manager, and holds a Diploma in psychology.

Bundle this up with her wealth of interior design knowledge and you have a one-woman powerhouse who knows exactly how to get under the skin of a brand and weave its identity into every stage of the design process.

A whiz at understanding people and how to keep them engaged in uniquely-designed spaces, clients can’t help but love Kylie (as do aching horses, but that’s another story).

And then there’s Gil…

A seasoned pro in the custom joinery business, Gil has spent the last decade and more creating stunning cabinetry and custom furniture – trust us, there’s not much this woman doesn’t know about joinery!
But Gil hasn’t always tinkered with timber and dabbled with detailing. In previous lives she’s worked in international freight, been responsible for the distribution of mining explosives (which brings a whole new meaning to design with a bang!), and has experience in high-end furniture showrooms.

All of which means Gil brings a plethora of sought-after skills to every project – from razor-sharp attention to detail and mind-blowing organisational skills, to a knack for handling herself on a job site. While she may have left the explosives behind, this formidable lady still packs plenty of power!

Differences aside…

While we may be as different as chalk and cheese, we share the important stuff. Like honesty, integrity, and taking the time to really listen to our clients – so we can learn about their values, desires, interests, and business ethos.

We share a passion for creating spaces that truly reflect a client’s wants, needs, and business philosophy. Above all, we’re united in our belief that every space should tell a story – one that engages and inspires all who pass through its doors.