Zavie Creative’s challenge – how to provide a combination of open plan and private office spaces, a reception area, client meeting room and waiting area, as well as maximizing storage, all in an awkward 66m2 triangular-shaped space. Boy did this project stretch our spatial planning prowess, however we relished the task. The result is a light- filled, well-connected office which rocks. Clever design elements subtly echo the companies branding throughout the space. The once awkward office of FBZ Accounting has metamorphosed into one that has a positive vibe which makes for an inspiring and productive work environment.

“Our office was dated and disorganised. Kylie and Gil quickly grasped how our business needed to function and also suggested ways in which our branding could be reflected throughout the space in fun and unusual ways. They relished the challenge to meet all our office needs in such a tight and difficult space. The end result is a comfortable, modern space for our business. It has won us work and now represents our brand much more appropriately.”

Owner of FBZ Accounting